Terms and Conditions


  • For COD clients, orders will only be sent after receipt of payment from a Kenya account into our Kenya bank account.
  • Due to limited storage space, orders are to be collected from the branch within 5 days of arrival.
  • Kenya orders leave Johannesburg every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Amrod will not be held responsible should the above delivery times not be met, whether through fault of Amrod or the courier company. Should you require a guaranteed delivery date, please place the order under your local account and arrange your courier to collect the goods from JHB.
  • Stock returns will not be accepted at the branches and are to be returned to JHB at the clients’ expense, subject to managements approval, and a 25% handling fee.
  • Amrod will not be held responsible for courier delays.
  • Please do not attempt collection of an order until you have received the emailed notification stating that your order is now ready for collection.

Sample Lending

  • Samples must be returned within 48 hours of borrowing from the Amrod Showroom.
  • A maximum of 7 samples can be lent out at any one time.
  • Clients cannot borrow additional samples with others overdue for return.
  • Samples must be returned in original condition and packaging.
  • Damage to any part of the samples will result in them not being accepted for return and will be invoiced to your account.
  • If samples are not returned within the time frame, they will be billed to the client’s account after which they cannot be returned. If the clothing borrowed was branded, we will also charge a pre-production sample fee (KSh 500.00 ex VAT) to cover the cost of the branding on the replacement unit.

Branding Terms and Conditions

  • By placing an order with Amrod, you represent that you have the authority to order, purchase and/or distribute merchandise containing the names, trademarks, logos, copyrights etc. identified and/or submitted with your order. You also agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Amrod, its affiliates and representatives from and against all claims, liabilities, and expenses (including attorney fees) arising out of or related to an actual or alleged infringement or misappropriation of any trademark, copyright or any other proprietary right of such merchandise. This provision will remain in effect after the delivery of your order.

Packaging of Branded Items:

  • Once products have been branded, they might not be repacked into their individual packaging.
  • If products come supplied in individual packaging from suppliers and you require them to be repacked please make arrangements with your account manager on placing your order.

Acceptable file formats:

  • Vector artwork is preferred (.CDR / .EPS / .AI / .PDF / .FH)
  • We accept PC format artwork only.

Tips to help you prepare your artwork:

  • All fonts must be converted to curves to avoid font substitutions.
  • Please include font and size if typesetting is requested.
  • Artwork for multi-colour imprints should be sent as a colour separated file (exceptions: digital printing).
  • Formats we do not accept: Word files, .gif, .jpeg (under 600dpi), Power Point.
  • Please forward the electronic artwork directly to your account manager at Amrod.
  • Upon written approval of layouts please confirm with your account manager that they have received your signoff.
  • Amrod cannot take responsibility for non-delivery of orders if layout approval is not received.
  • Branding will only commence once full payment for stock and branding has been received (where a client is not on payment terms) and artwork has been approved.
  • If cheques are deposited into one of our four bank accounts, branding will only commence once payment has cleared.
  • Unfortunately faxes can and do sometimes go missing. Please confirm that proof of payment has been received by your account manager. Amrod cannot take responsibility for missed deadlines if payment has not been confirmed with your account manager.
  • Reminders will be sent out daily if we require either approval or payment from you before commencing with a job. If you have paid for and approved the order and are still receiving these reminders, please contact your account manager directly to ensure that we have received all the relevant information.
  • Delivery dates are quoted from the day after artwork approval and receipt of payment - whichever is later.
  • Amendments made to proofs will result in a delay to delivery date. Should you require changes, we will issue a new layout for final proofing before production commences.

Artwork Fees:

  • Artwork received in the correct format will not be charged for.
  • Artwork not received in the correct format will attract a redrawing fee of KHs 2 000 excl VAT. This fee will accommodate 3 further changes to the layouts, whereafter any additional changes will be charged for at KHs 1 000 excl VAT per change.
  • Branding cancelled after layouts have been generated will be charged for at KHs 1 000 excl VAT per layout done

General Terms and Conditions:

  • Once stock has been collected / delivered from / by Amrod, we have no control over it. As such we do not accept responsibility for any damages or shortages not reported within 72 hours.
  • Whilst every effort has been made to fulfil all orders correctly, should you take our goods to an external branding company, we ask that you check all items received BEFORE they get branded. Amrod cannot accept returns on incorrect items which have already been branded regardless of whether it’s Amrods fault or not.
  • We do not accept returns or changes to orders for items that need to be assembled or consolidated – e.g. GF-AM-650-B and set items.
  • Once an order on memory sticks has been collected from us, we unfortunately cannot accept a return on it.
  • Please note that if your account remains inactive throughout a calendar year, we will have to put it on hold and you will need to undergo the registration process again.
  • Please refer to the website or ask your Account Manager for a list of exclusion items that we are not able to supply to this country.
  • Colours of actual products may vary slightly from the colours shown in the catalogues and on the website. Please request a sample for accurate colour-checking purposes.
  • All product sizes have been indicated in centimetres. Sizes may vary slightly from those provided.
  • Product images may vary slightly from actual products due to inherent limitations in photography, film separation and printing.
  • We have endeavoured to ensure that the details in the catalogues and on the website are accurate, however due to the volume of information, mistakes might have crept in. Should you have questions or uncertainties regarding information or products please liaise with your account manager or view a sample for confirmation prior to placing your order. We cannot be held liable for any mistakes made or costs incurred based on incorrect information displayed in the catalogues or on the website.
  • The artwork designs and trademarks imprinted on the products displayed are reproduced only as examples of the type of quality of branded products available. They are not intended to represent that the products are either endorsed by or produced for the owners of the artwork, design or trademark.


  • In the case of cheques deposited into our bank account, stock shall not be released until the funds have been cleared in our account.
  • We do not accept cash for any orders since having cash on the premises is a security risk.
  • We accept Mastercard / Visa and Debit cards (No Amex and Diners).
  • For orders that require branding, we will only commence branding once stock and branding has been paid for in full. Please contact your account manager to confirm that they have received your proof of payment, once payment has been made.
  • Amrod cannot be responsible for missed deadlines if you have not confirmed that payment has been received.
  • For orders over KSh 300 000.00 we require a 50% deposit in order to process an invoice.
  • Orders cannot be placed on hold once payment and order approval has been finalised.

Amrod Cancellation Policy

  • Written orders (by email) constitute a binding contract and are legally enforceable.
  • Once an order – to the value of KHs 210 100 excl VAT or more - has been emailed, cancellations prior to collection will be subject to a 15% handling and admin fee.
  • All orders need to be paid for within 10 working days of invoice and if not paid within this time, they will be cancelled with the relevant cancellation fees.
  • Branding will not commence until full payment has been received for COD clients.
  • Any orders not paid for within 10 working days will be deemed to have been cancelled, products will be put back to stock and a 15% handling charge will be levied where the invoice value is KSh 50 000 excl VAT or more
  • In the case of cancelled orders where layouts have been done, a layout fee of KSh 1 000.00 excl VAT per layout will be levied, irrespective of whether we are able to meet your deadline or not, unless branding deadline has been indicated to your account manager upon placement of order.
  • For customers who are on account, no cancellation of orders will be accepted once final approval of artwork has been received.
  • Collected stock may not be returned, unless approved in writing by management within 48 hours of collection, subject to a 25% handling and admin fee. Please do not return orders without prior written consent from Amrod Management. Orders returned without accompanying written consent and corresponding invoice will not be accepted by our returns department. Orders must be returned to JHB office.
  • Cancellation fees need to be paid before further orders will be processed.

Display Terms and Conditions:

  • Where skins are available for sale as stand-alone items, Amrod is able to refit skins onto Amrod-purchased hardware at our Johannesburg Head Office. Should a client request that Amrod refit skins, the return of hardware to Amrod Johannesburg Head Office will be for the client’s account. Once complete, Amrod will send the items to an Amrod branch, within South Africa, of the client’s choice. Alternatively, the items can remain at Amrod Johannesburg for client collection.
  • Refitting of skins by Amrod is subject to inspection of the relevant hardware. If the existing hardware is faulty or damaged, Amrod will not be able to refit skins.
  • If the client is reskinning hardware themselves it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the hardware is not faulty or damaged. Amrod cannot be held liable for skins purchased that cannot be fitted properly due to faulty or damaged hardware.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they order the correct skin for the correct display unit.
  • Reskinning is specifically tailored to fit to Amrod display hardware. Amrod cannot be held responsible for any skins purchased to fit third party hardware.
  • All artwork must be created in CMYK and Pantone colours must be included as a Pantone solid coated spot within the print file supplied. Please note failing this will result in no colour matching taking place.
  • Due to the limited colour gamut of various digital CMYK print methods not all Pantone colours can be achieved. We endeavour to match as close as possible and colour variation will take place on different materials, e.g. PVC versus fabric.
  • Fluorescent and metallic Pantones cannot be matched. Only a tonal representation thereof can be achieved.
  • Digital Dye Sublimation is not designed for constant, long-term exposure to sunlight.
  • Overexposure to sunlight will reduce the longevity of the print.
  • We encourage you to take care of the Display fabric and remove it from direct sunlight at all opportunities.
  • Display fabrics purchased from Amrod come with a 3-month limited print fade warranty.

Display repair policy:

  • Display hardware purchased from Amrod comes with a 3 year limited mechanical repair warranty.
  • The warranty excludes display hardware that has been mishandled, abused or not used for its intended purpose.
  • Display hardware that is under warranty and requires repair must be returned to Amrod Johannesburg at the clients own expense. All broken or damaged parts must be included.

Workwear Terms and Conditions:

  • Manufacture of workwear products only commences on receipt of order and, for COD clients, full payment. Once a sales order is generated your order may not be cancelled or changed.
  • Conti suits sets are sold according to the industry standard which directs that the pants in the set are 2 sizes smaller than the jacket. Conti suit sets will therefore be sold based on the jacket size, for example, if you place an order for a size 34, the jacket will be a size 34 and the pants size will be a size 30.
  • Kindly ensure that sizing has been established correctly before placing an order with us as sets will always be sold as per the above.
  • We will not accept any returns on “unbranded or branded” workwear items that have had tape specially applied as these are not ex-stock items. We will only accept returns on workwear items that are held in stock and readily available.